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are terrible .My son aged 11 has saved his hard earned pocket money up to buy a scooter at the cost of £199 .This scooter within 7 days the rear wheel bearings failed and the headset bearings have failed.Took it back to the shop and they blamed it on using the scooter in damp conditions the water had entered the wheel bearings and caused them fail.In my mind this renders the scooter unfit for purpose.

So i now have a very upset son who has spent £199 pounds on a scooter which is now broke .I could have made a wooden one which would have been better quality and more durable and more fun.BE AWARE OF SKATE SHACK THEY ARE RIP OFF MERCHANTS WHO WILL TRY AND WANGLE OUT OF ANYTHING OH LIKE THE 12 MONTH WARRANTY.

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Skate shack metro centre rip off merchants beware

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bought a scooter from these , the frame was meant for tricks , the wheels were meant for tricks, my son paid £80 of his hard saved up money, the forks bent after 10 days, they said the forks were not meant for tricks completely ignored the consumer rights act 1979, and said my son of only 4 stone had abused the scooter refused a refund and abuse us in the process beware of dodgy traders selling substandard goods and refusing to to give any customer care or service avoid like the plague, they are a total rip off merchants , my son is heartbroken

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